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Our signature (12) tier program

Very patient and hand holding coaching. A truly personalized approach to your health concerns.

Sessions are conducted virtually and in person.

Group and personal coaching sessions provided

Program also includes sessions for family members and caregivers. This is necessary since most of the program occurs outside of our sessions. It is important to your success that firstly, they support you and secondly, that they help you stay accountable.

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Want to try paleo or go vegan? Need to get more protein in your diet?

This dietician designed program allows you to build a personalized meal plan to help you accomplish your health goals. The nutrition values are based on general guidelines.

Your program comes complete with meal plans, and step-by-step recipes that are serving size adjustable. It generates smart grocery lists, that you can edit and a grocery delivery service through AmazonFresh.

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Our program is easy to use and designed for your success.

  • Securely communicate with your coach.
  • Get virtual counseling via video
  • Schedule and book appointments quickly
  • Send and receive videos or documents on health topics you care about

Easily send and receive relevant documents

Track health activities and get feedback

  • Log your food (via photo journaling), selfies, and health metrics
  • Set personal goals and track your progress
  • Get real-time advice and encouragement to help keep you on track

Comprehensive Analysis Testing

This comprehensive analysis testing can help identify the food and non food items that may secretly be sabotaging your health efforts and contrbuting to your ill health.

You'll discover specifically which foods to avoid and which ones to enjoy. The test will also uncover any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and additionally identify the metal toxins you show a sensitivity to.

Clients would receive pantry makeover assistance once test results are in.

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Our mission here at Eating For Wellbeing is to make every effort to help our clients reach or exceed their health goals and we do this by providing a service that far exceeds the less integrated programs offered by many others.

Our program is designed for lasting transformation. Find out if our approach is right for you.